New Soft Silicone Accessories Case For Airpods Cover

Material: Silicone
Design: With Keychain
Use: Cover For AirPods
Feature: Anti Lost,High Protect,Anti Shock
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Product Details

Product Description

Material: Silicone

Compatible for: For Airpods Case

Package: With Retaling Package

Function: Silicone Case For AirPods 1/2

New Soft Silicone Accessories Case For Airpods Cover

Silicone product features:

1. The main component is mSiO2?nH2O. It has good chemical stability, except for caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid, it does not react with any acid or alkali under two very special conditions. It is often used in products with high safety requirements such as kitchen supplies, water cups, babies, and medical treatments.

2. Non-toxic and tasteless: The ingredients are silicon dioxide and water, which are safe and stable.

3. The temperature resistance range of raw materials is -40℃-230℃, which is far more than plastic products for food and does not melt above 100℃. The use process is safe, even when it is scorched, it will only decompose into silica and water vapor, which is non-toxic and harmless.

4. Resistance to aging and no fading: The oxidation decomposition temperature is far higher than similar plastic products. It will not fade when used at daily temperature and has a service life of up to 10 years.

5. It is easy to use and is a good helper for housewives.

6. Soft, non-slip, feel good, like baby's skin, warm and considerate.

7. The material selection is strictly in accordance with the US FDA standard for food-grade silicone.

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