Car Cartoon Jewelry, Pvc Car Mat

Material: Silicone PVC rubber
Usage: Phone holder,Promotional gift,Cup mat
Feature: washable, super stickiness, reusable
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Made of high-elastic material, it is resistant to high temperature, non-deformation, and can be used at sub-zero temperatures. It has natural aroma, non-toxicity and strong adsorption.

It can be attached to the plane of the car to stick and protect mobile phones, CD cases, glasses, cigarette cases, business cards, paper and other moving objects, and will not be damaged by the veneer.

Made of environmentally friendly materials, it will decompose naturally when it comes into contact with the soil and will not cause pollution.

When the anti-scratch pad is weakened due to dustiness, it only needs to be cleaned with water, and it can be restored after drying.

Car Cartoon Jewelry, Pvc Car Mat


1. can firmly adhere to the small flat items without leaving traces. It does not slide even when tilted to fast vertical.

2. The small hole on the non-slip mat has a strong adsorption force.

3. can prevent vibration, small objects will not pop up, slide!

4. Wide temperature range (-50 degrees - 200 degrees), super aging resistance

5. Non-toxic, tasteless, and can be recycled

6. Has good hydrophobicity, preserves original performance after washing with water

7. Can be washed repeatedly

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