The Finest Barber Station Mat Salon Accessories

Material: PVC
Quotation needed: size, pattern design, quantity
Function: Barber station mat with logo
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Product Details

Barber Station Mat

Protects Surfaces: Heavy duty and durable material prevents heat damage from warm clippers, trimmers and other tools.

Prevents Damage: Texturized design keeps tools safely in place to prevent them from slipping or falling.

No-Slip, No-Glide Design: Sturdy and firm fabrication prevents gliding on any station or countertop surface.

Easy to Clean: Portable and manageable design makes it extremely easy to clean.

Barber Station Mat (5).jpg

Barber Work Station Mat 

Preserve your paintings station organized. its tender surface will guard your station from the harm and hitting of your tools. and it's non-slippery, so you can preserve your clippers and equipment in place. 

Barber Station Mat (4).jpg

For Home Uses

Works notable as sink mats. a perfect alternative to the bulk drying rack! its nubs at the floor will allow enough air flow to make the dishes dry quicker. you can even place it under your coffee maker to prevent spills at the counter pinnacle.

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