2D Cartoon Car Mat Anti-slip Mat Silicone Pad

Material: Silicone PVC rubber
Usage: For advertising
Size: Customized Size
Feature: Anti slip
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It is made of environmentally-friendly silicone material. It is based on the quality of Seiko's postgraduate research, and the style is fashionable and simple. It is popular among car owners.

Product features: High quality silicone, high temperature resistance, strong viscosity, easy to clean and replace, non-slip, non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly

Safe and non-toxic: non-toxic and tasteless, there will never be any harmful substances in the car.

Soft texture: soft texture, very strong adsorption

Safety protection design: small guardrail around the product to prevent accidental sliding

Simple and beautiful, soft, non-slip, it is worth mentioning that it is environmentally friendly and has no smell.

2D Cartoon Car Mat Anti-slip Mat Silicone Pad


This product is made of polymer material of silicone/PVC soft rubber, and the bottom is flat. Because of its high molecular adsorption capacity, it can play a non-slip effect.

The car anti-skid pad is placed on the instrument panel of the car. It does not contain adhesive, does not reflect light, does not hurt the instrument panel, and has superior adsorption force to prevent the article from slipping due to sudden braking or strong vibration.

The use of environmentally-friendly and odor-free food-grade raw materials, the products have passed the relevant tests, are green products, the anti-slip mat developed by the original formula, soft touch, good elasticity, unique design, better anti-slip effect.

Breaking through the technical difficulties of traditional non-slip mats, it is difficult to deform at high temperature and low temperature, and can be used normally at -25°C-120°C.

It can be washed directly with water to remove dust from the non-slip mat and can be used repeatedly.

This non-slip mat can be placed in your car or on your desk and on the table in your home living room bedroom. It is practical, beautiful and decorative.

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