Flag Anti-slip Mat Silicone Slip Pad

Material : silicone
Logo: Customized
Feature:sticky gel car dashboard pad
Usage:anti slip gel car dashboard pad
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Product Details


Material : soft pvc , silicone

Color: any color

product description

1. Adsorption anti-slip mat, can be attached to the surface of the mat with a mobile phone or a coin

2. This product does not use adhesive, does not stick, does not leave traces

3. The instrument panel vibrates or tilts when driving, small objects are not easy to move, and there is amazing adsorption.

4. According to the needs, the use of the same figure, the size can be cut

5. Suitable for all kinds of interior models

6. Non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly material

Flag Anti-slip Mat Silicone Slip Pad


1. Adhere to any vertical as well as horizontal flat surfaces(like on Dashboard,Refrigerator, Tile, Glass, Board,Windows, glossy Wall) and hold smooth objects in place.

2. Useful both as a very non slip pad and also to stick items such as remotes, cell phones, sunglasses, GPS, pens, keys,coins etc to locate position.

3. Can withstand extremes of heat and cold ranging from -50 degree to 120 degree, long aging life

4. Can be easily peeled off without leaving any marks or residue.

5. If get dirty and begins to loss grip, rinsed in water, Non slip pad become clean again and retain its original properties.

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