Branded Logo Pvc Bar Runner Mat Bar Spill Mat

Material: Soft PVC
Color: Customized Color
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Usage: Advertising in bar table
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Product Details

Description bar mat

1.It has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility and natural viscosity on the surface.

2.It is specially designed for the protection of some cups in the home or entertainment places and the heat transfer by the gap; it can fill the gap and complete the heat and heat dissipation parts. 

3.Heat transfer between the two, but also insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc.; can also prevent the sliding of the cup or the cleanliness of the table

4.The product can be used repeatedly for a long time. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with detergent and water. At the same time, it can make different logos. It is a kind of practical product.

5.Bar mat is generally made of silicone or PVC as a kind of coaster, also known as silica gel, PVC bar mat


Branded Logo Pvc Bar Runner Mat Bar Spill Mat

Product Features:

Rubber, PVC bottom wear-resistant thick anti-slip

Logo pattern can be customized, the color is not limited, as long as the color can be found on the pantone card

Easy to clean, rinse with water

Widely used in front of bar counters, company activities, corporate, advertising promotion, etc.

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