Printing Soft PVC Bar Runner Mat

Type: Bar Accessories, Club Beer Drip Bar Mat
Design: Customized Designs
Shape: Custom Shape
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
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Product Details

Product description

1. Material: PVC soft rubber Contains no calcium carbonate environmentally friendly materials (because each product is packaged in an independent pp bag, there will be less taste)

2. Advantages: The product is non-slip, heat-resistant, freeze-resistant, anti-friction, anti-aging, not easy to wear, non-toxic and tasteless, strong in water absorption, and can contain overflowing drinks.

3. Uses: Bar mats can be used in bars, coffee bars and other entertainment venues, especially for the major beer, hot drinks and other industries advertising promotions, gifts.

4. At the same time, you can make different logos, which is a kind of practical product. (500 blocks can be used as LOGO)

5. The product can be used repeatedly for a long time. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with a soft brush detergent and water.

Printing Soft PVC Bar Runner Mat

Product Features

Products can be printed with corporate logos or advertising content, and can be designed according to their own requirements, customized to sample, where to bring the product to where the product is brought, is the best choice for enterprises to choose gifts, business communication, etc.; Gifts or product promotions or exhibition promotions, conferences, opening celebrations, etc. will certainly bring unexpected benefits to the company.


1. This product is a soft rubber product and cannot be cut with a cutter.

2. PVC material is flammable and should not be baked at high temperature for a long time.

3. Please clean with a neutral detergent when cleaning.

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