Promotion Soft PVC Rubber Bar Rail Mat

Feature:Eco-Friendly, Stocked
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Function: bar mat/beer mat
Type:Bar Accessories, Rubber Bar Rail Mat
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High quality pvc original, exquisite craft, odorless, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, compression is not easy to deform, good heat insulation effect, anti-aging, long service life.

Practical and beautiful, bright color, simple shape, beautiful and practical, effectively protect the countertop, suitable for all kinds of cups, bowls and other supplies insulation.

Promotion Soft PVC Rubber Bar Rail Mat


All the display products are similar products made by our factory. The price is only for reference. Our factory mainly focuses on mold opening, because each product has different pattern complexity, process effect, size, shape, order quantity and packaging requirements.


It can be widely used for product bundling, advertising and promotion, bar mats through people's extensive contact from morning to night, deep memory, better image, bar mats are widely used in corporate propaganda brands, promotional products gifts. In addition, the bar mat can be shaped Strong, has become a new product that people like and are willing to buy.

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