Solid Color Bar Mat Pvc Rubber Emboss Coaster

Material: soft pvc
Color:Customized Color
Type: Bar Accessories
Usage:Advertising in bar table
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Product Details


Material: pvc soft rubber

Size: 60*8*10cm

Specifications: Pattern, customized according to customer requirements

Appearance: Beautiful and fashionable, never fade, mild

Surface technology: micro shot

Features: This product is non-slip, heat-resistant, freeze-resistant, anti-friction, anti-aging, not easy to wear, strong water absorption, can contain overflowing drinks, etc.

Uses: It can be used to make different logos at the same time. It is a kind of practical product.

Solid Color Bar Mat Pvc Rubber Emboss Coaster


Pvc soft rubber products can paint a variety of vivid cartoon characters, keychains, is the first choice for you to promote corporate animation, and is also the choice of the majority of young men and women to give gifts to each other.

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