Cartoon Travel Portable Silicone Sleeves Silicone Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holders

Material: silicone
Size: 30ml
Logo: embossing, printing
Use: Hand sanitizer bottle
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Product Details

Product Description

Material: silicone 

Volume: 29ml/30ml  bottle

Color: Transparent, white

Cap Style: soap dispenser pump

Service: label /silk screen printing/other surface handling

Sample: Free sample can be provided

Lead time:In 4-6 hours after received your payment

cartoon silicone hand sanitizer bottle holder

The production of explosive models in 2020, the emergency hand sanitizer silicone bottle cover is convenient to carry, and can be carried anytime, anywhere, with our creative cartoon cute perfume. Put your hand sanitizer or perfume into your pocket or bag on the hand sanitizer protection kit, Not afraid of crushing, it is convenient and fashionable.

Our advantage

1. A real first-line manufacturer, we have a strict and complete production process from product design, research and development, to mold development, raw material processing, production technology, and quality inspection.

2. 10 years of silicone industry production technology, mold development and design experience, freeing customers from worries!

3. We are located in a well-established industrial belt in Dongguan. Our products are exported to foreign countries, including Zhejiang, Shanghai and other countries in the country for trade and export, and are processed and produced for major listed companies. We are now developing and establishing a production line for our own brand of silicone rubber products.

4. The delivery time of large-volume products is on time, we can open more sets of molds for customers according to the actual situation, and complete the delivery time on time.

5. We serve our customers with the principle of "low price, high quality, and on-time delivery", and make it easier for customers to receive orders and turn orders.

6. We have advanced vacuum equipment of 250 tons to 300 tons than our peers to improve product quality and output, and achieve the policy of "low price, high quality and fast timeliness".

7. When the number of customers is large, we can open molds for customers free of charge, so that customers can buy value-for-money goods.

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