Silicone Baby Cup

Material : Silicone
Size : Customized size
Color : Pantone
MOQ : 1000pcs
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Product Details

Product Name

Silicone Baby Cups

Age Group

Infants & Toddlers

Supply Type



Injection molding




Eco-friendly Anti-bacterial

Silicone Baby Cup Feature

1.Silicone is a generally great compound for baby cups and plates for several reasons. The first is of course that it does not harbor germs and particulates that can breed and cause illness. Silicone is almost always bacteria free which makes it great for children that may or may not keep their eating habits as neat as they should. Another great reason to choose silicone is of course that it is pliable. This means that a silicone baby cup is far less likely to hurt your baby on sharp edges. Silicone is pliable enough to be safe for baby but still sturdy enough to make plates, cups, bowls, and even eating utensils.

2.Silicone is also a very versatile compound as it is poured when molded making it possible for companies to make plates and cups in various shapes and sizes. Much like silicone baking molds, a silicone baby cup is very durable and is a great option for baby. Silicone is also very easy to come by making it fairly inexpensive. Users can be assured that a silicone baby cup, though it may seem somewhat futuristic and expensive, is generally not much more than your typical hard plastic cups. The fact that it costs less than most people think makes it a great alternative to your typical cups.

3.Still another benefit is of course that silicone can be brightly colored making it very visually captivating for children. This means that it is not only a great cup for drinking and eating, it can also double as a great toy for children. Silicone baby cups are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a cup that is going to last for years, that is safe for baby, and that will not grow bacteria even if you are not able to get around to washing it as soon as it gets dirty. Silicone is a material that is growing in popularity and usefulness and is generally great for most baby products across the board.

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