Pvc Beer Bottle Opener Frog Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Materila : soft pvc rubber
Type: Fridge Magnets
Usage:Souvenir or promotional or decoration
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Product Details

Product description

Material: environmentally friendly PVC soft rubber

Size: can be customized (can be made in various shapes, various sizes)

Process: automatic dispensing machine, commonly known as dispensing, dispensing, drop plastic.

Usage: rinse with water and recycle.

The surface can be made 2d or 3d, protruding, intaglio logo, can produce a variety of vivid, beautiful patterns, stylish style, beautiful appearance.

Can make corporate LOGO, patterns, with promotion

Uses: Open bottle

Advantages: independent manufacturers, competitive prices and quality service

Pvc Beer Bottle Opener Frog Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Product process

PVC soft rubber, using environmentally friendly imported PVC powder and oil, color toning, mold opening. The process is dispensing, the dispenser will place different color materials in the mold, and then baked at high temperature. Product size specifications can be made according to customer requirements. LOGO can do 2D or 3D effects, and can also be screen-printed; price concessions are ideal for promotion of various companies. The picture information of this product is for reference only. Welcome to call us for consultation or to sample production.

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