Easter Silicone Cake Mold Diy Festive Egg Food Grade

Material: Silicone
Temperature: -40℃~230℃
Colors: Any color is available
Usage:kitchen,cake pan, muffin pan,baking
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Product Details


1.Promotes healthy and oil-free baking

2.Excellent nonstciky and smooth surface makes it perfect demoulding, never cracks.

3.Easy clean with fresh water, also dishwasher safe, which frees your hand~

4.High-range temperature withstand allow all kinds of cooking, from muffin to freezer pastry 

5.3000 times' using lifelong, provide a really value for your every cents.

6.Hang up or rolled up for storage,save your space

7.all vivid shape can be ok for moulding ( customized shape will charge moulding cost,but just once)

Easter Silicone Cake Mold Diy Festive Egg Food Grade

Usage notice:

For the first time, please pay attention to cleaning the mold and apply a layer of butter on the mold. This operation can extend the life of the mold, and then do not need to repeat this operation.

Do not touch the open flame, or the heat source directly, and do not approach the sharp weapon.

When baking, be careful to place the mold in the center or down position of the oven to avoid the material of the mold close to the oven heating.

When baking is completed, take care to wear the heat-insulating gloves and other insulation equipment to remove the mold from the oven, and wait for cooling for a while before releasing the mold. For the demolding operation, please drag the mold to the bottom of the mold to loosen the mold.

Because the silica gel is heated quickly and evenly, the baking time is not the same as the traditional metal mold. Please pay attention to adjust the baking time.

When cleaning the mold, please do not use steel balls or metal cleaning products to clean the mold to prevent damage to the mold and affect the later use. In use, please refer to the oven instructions.

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