3D Tire Gift Keychain Soft Pvc Keychain Keyring

Material: 100% pvc
OEM: Yes
Usage: For promotion gift
Eco-friendly:Green environmental,Non toxic
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Product Details

Product description

1. The raw materials of the product are environmentally friendly, and have exquisite appearance, bright color, light and exquisite, strong three-dimensional effect, clear and natural pattern, soft texture, good hand feeling, light resistance, sweat resistance, heat resistance, frost resistance, anti-friction, anti-aging

2. It is not easy to wear and so on. It has no fading. It is not afraid of water. It has good hand feeling and bright color.

3. Stereo and flat effects, can also be double-sided

3D Tire Gift Keychain Soft Pvc Keychain Keyring

Our advantage

1. Short production cycle, efficient cooperation. Low cost

2. Strict quality control. Large price concessions.

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