Casino Game Themed Keychain Promotional Items

Type: soft pvc
Eco friendly: yes
Shape: welcome
Color: pantone color
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Product Details

2D&3D PVC keychains to be the promotional gifts for casino, impress your customers!

Give your key tags a unique personality with a 3D design. (or fake a 3D look with 2D layers).

One of the reasons people like love PVC is the almost infinite design possibilities, being able to have layers on top of layers, or below layers, can give your PVC keychain an outstanding look. A sort of 3-dimensional look.

And some people might think that's what we are referring to when we ask about a 2D or 3D mold style. But it's not.

When we talk about a 2D mold we talk about 2D layers, which are layers that flat on top, picture sharp corners on a side view and a "solid" look to it.

When we talk about a 3D mold we talk about 3D layers, which are layers that are "puffy" looking. They have a curved top so thee is no sharp corners, they "flow" a little.

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