Christmas Elk Snowman Pvc Key Chains

Color: Pantone Color
Size: Custom
Logo: Embossed/Debossed/Cutomize
Shape: Customized Shape
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Christmas Elk Snowman Pvc Key Chains

PVC keychains are used in many places, and the number of productions is slowly increasing, and the number of additions is also a lot. No matter what it is said, PVC keychains are now environmentally friendly, and it is convenient to use, no need to worry about the keys. Will fall, or not see these problems, because now PVC keychain production is large, then in the type, there are many different types of creative PVC keychain, and now the PVC keychain effect is more obvious, perfect in all aspects It is also better, precisely because of this, the industry of PVC keychains is constantly expanding and increasing. In many cities, the PVC keychain industry is still widely distributed.

The product meets the export standards and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It has beautiful appearance, vivid color, strong three-dimensional effect, clear and natural pattern, soft texture, light resistance, sweat resistance, frost resistance, anti-friction, anti-aging, no fading, no water and so on. It can be used for stereo and flat effects, and it can also be used for double-sided clamping. The products are widely used in corporate advertising, gifts, accessories, and other accessories.

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