Christmas Gifts Eco-friendly Soft Rubber Pvc Keychains

Type: cartoon figure pvc keychain
Material: PVC
Brand Name: OEM
Material: soft pvc
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Christmas Gifts Eco-friendly Soft Rubber Pvc Keychains

It has a lot of styles, and the shape makes you countless. There are cartoon characters, characters, fruits, etc., only you can't think of it, as long as you dare to find it. If you want some special requirements, you can choose to customize at this time, you can receive it in a short time. This kind of thing is different from the other things you buy. It has your full heart.

It is made of PVC environmentally friendly materials. After testing by the state, the products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. And the hand feel is very soft, the exhibits can choose whether it is 2D or 3D effect, these can be done according to your requirements. According to the different requirements of customers, we can open the mold and make samples of the computer. Put the information you want to advertise on it and print your own logo on the keychain. It is the first choice for corporate promotion. This kind of propaganda is much better than the traditional form of propaganda, not only cheap, but also very effective.

Another important function of the PVC keychain is decoration. Hanging a beautiful PVC keychain on the children's school bag or on the ladies' bags is really very beautiful. The PVC keychain also plays an important role in our lives, that is, it can be used as a small gift for a friend, or as a small souvenir. For example, at the children's birthday party, at the class reunion, in various tourist attractions, it can be used as a small souvenir, which is very meaningful.

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