Fat Bear Cartoon PVC Soft Stereo Car Pendant Keychain

Fat Bear Cartoon PVC Soft Stereo Car Pendant Keychain

Type: PVC keychain
OEM/ODM:Welcome customized
Shape: Any shape design acceptable
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Product Details

Product description

Material: PVC soft rubber

Specifications: customer-defined

Samples, drawings: customer samples or samples designed by our factory

Packing: single into OPP bag

The effect can be various, the surface can be flat, 2D stereo, 3D stereo, etc.; transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent and translucent; adding phosphor to make luminous; adding flavor to make it scent; Compass, thermometer and other small accessories. Applicable occasions for home decoration Promotion Suitable for a variety of industries, this product has a strong three-dimensional, colorful, feel good, has a good visual effect, has a good decoration and advertising effects!

Fat Bear Cartoon PVC Soft Stereo Car Pendant Keychain

PVC environmental soft rubber keychain

The material is PVC+ hardware rings. PVC soft rubber key pendant, sling, soft, creative fashion, affordable, beautiful and practical.

The keychain, not afraid of water, not afraid of dirt, simple cleaning can be restored as new. The surface of the sling can be flat or 3D.

Many friends are very fond of this creative gift. Generally used in factories, gift shops and personal accessories.

Uses: PVC keychain is widely used in personal jewelry, business gifts, promotional gifts, advertising promotions, publicity, gifts, printable corporate LOGO, so that corporate culture can be better publicized and promoted. Spend small money to do big things and win more benefits

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