Mickey Mouse 3D Pvc Keychain Keyring For Promotion

Size: customized size
Color: various color
Process: 2d ,3d Logo
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Product Details

Product description

Material: PVC soft rubber + key ring

Specifications: According to customer specific requirements to make different sizes

Shape: Various shapes according to customer requirements

Way of use

1. Can be hung on keys, bags and other supplies;

2. Easy to carry; promotional items, gifts, gifts, sales

Mickey Mouse 3D Pvc Keychain Keyring For Promotion


Independent manufacturers, competitive prices, quality assurance, and quality pre-sales and after-sales services, etc.


1. PVC keychain can be made into a three-dimensional pattern, beautiful and realistic, beautiful and practical! Corporate logos, advertising supplies and corporate-related cartoons can be made up.

2. With various styles, good hand feeling, bright colors and green environmental protection, it is the most ideal gift for various enterprises to promote advertising;

3. Commodity, cosmetics, sales, creative gifts

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