PVC Rubber Keychain Mini Helmet Motorcycle Shape Design

Type: soft pvc
Eco friendly: yes
Shape: welcome
Color: pantone color
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Product Details

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful promotional product for your next marketing campaign, PVC Key chains will not disappoint. Custom PVC keychains are creative, practical, and versatile for any company or business.

Eye-catching keychains will be the perfect advertising tool that will give any onlooker an instant idea of what your business is all about.

Your Customers Will Love Them!

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to promote your brand and draw customers in. You've probably already tried pens with the company name and logo on them. But keychains can be a much more effective choice. While pens are useful, keychains are both practical and attractive. While pens may be misplaced and lost forever, a keychain will stay with an individual along with his important house or car keys. The very fact that a potential customer would place your promotional keychain on his keys shows an interest in your product. Every time that individual grabs his keys on the way out the door, he will see your keychain and think about your business. In the car hanging from the ignition, on the desk, in a pocket, or fished out of a purse… Every time this person looks at his keys he will immediately think about your company and recall his experience at your place of business. Also, anyone else who notices them will be indirectly informed of your company. The more unique your design, the better the chances of it becoming a conversation starter where customers can even turn into promoters of your business.

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