Trademark Silicone Pvc Rubber Keychain

Usage: Promotional gifts
Design: Customer design
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Product Details

Product description

Material: silicone, PVC (optional)

Color: multi-color, according to customer design

Size: Customized logo according to various styles, specifications, colors, patterns, etc. required by customers.

Packing: It can be packaged according to customer's requirements, generally in bulk OPP bag.


a. waterproof, heat and cold resistant, soft feel quality, easy clean up

b. Eco-friendly material, non toxic

c. OEM is welcome. Ideal promotional gift

Trademark Silicone Pvc Rubber Keychain

Product Usage

The color of the product is fresh, the image is vivid, the pattern is clear, the texture is exquisite and soft, the three-dimensional layer is distinct, the environment is non-toxic, the style is novel, and the fashion is high-grade. The product is effective in waterproof, drop-proof and dustproof, wear-resistant, good tensile strength, unique integrated design and superior quality.

The company can be customized to produce a variety of cartoon characters, animal models can be done in the zodiac, can be customized to open any model, and can also design the company or corporate LOGO according to customer requirements.

Hanging on the top of the bag, going out to play a certain propaganda role, is one of the ideal promotional gifts for the company.

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