3D Three-dimensional PVC Soft Luggage Tag ID Rubber Bag Tag

Usage:used in bag,luggage,garment accessories
Color:PMS color
Advantage: factory directly selling
Accessories:adjustable strap
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Product Details


1. Material: PVC soft rubber

2. Size: can be customized (can be made of various shapes, various sizes)

3. Process: The automatic dispensing machine micro-shot, commonly known as dispensing, dispensing, drop plastic.

4. The surface can be made 2d or 3d, protruding, intaglio logo, can produce a variety of vivid, beautiful patterns, fashionable style, beautiful appearance, is a personal personality gift

5. It can make corporate LOGO, pattern, and promote the promotion of corporate brand and enhance the visibility of the company.

6. Order quantity: unlimited quantity, better quantity and better price


Independent manufacturer, competitive price, quality assurance and quality service

3D Three-dimensional PVC Soft Luggage Tag ID Rubber Bag Tag


PVC luggage tag refers to the luggage tag made of PVC soft rubber material. The production process is different from the hard PVC luggage tag (hard PVC luggage tag is usually made by injection molding and high frequency process). The cartoon characters on the surface of PVC soft plastic luggage tag or company LOGO can be made into embossed effect, the bump is obvious, the color is real and will not fade. In addition, it has the characteristics of low production cost, durability and dirt resistance. These advantages make PVC soft luggage tag become the most widely used luggage tag.

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