Color Emboss PVC Soft Luggage Tag Luggage Suitcase Tag

Material: soft pvc rubber
Usage: luggage tag
Color: pantone color
Feature:Excellent Water-proof
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Product Details


Material: PVC soft rubber / silicone

Size: Specifically, according to customer requirements, mold proofing customization

Logo:Customized, the logo can be glued by mold engraving or printed.

Product effect: flat or 3D effect

Made of soft rubber material, it is flexible and flexible, feels good, does not deform, has information card on the back, fill in the name, address and contact information, no longer have to worry about the suitcase being mistaken and lost.

Color Emboss PVC Soft Luggage Tag Luggage Suitcase Tag


1. High tensile strength, good elongation, and strong strain resistance to the base layer;

2. Excellent resistance to root penetration, ozone resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low temperature flexibility;

3. Good water vapor diffusibility, condensate is easy to release, and moisture left in the base layer is easy to discharge;

4. Using advanced hot air welding technology, the joint sealing is reliable;

5. Environmental protection and common.

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