Crystal Pvc Soft Rubber Badge Clothing Drop Plastic Shoe Standard

Material: PVC, Silicone, Rubber
Use: Bags, Garment, Shoes
Size:Per Custom Size
Shape: Shape as Customized
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Product Details

Product description

Silicone Trademark & PVC Trademark & Rubber Trademark

Material: silicone, PVC, rubber (customized according to customer needs)

Color: according to the customer's design of cartoon letters, characters, animals, animation and other patterns

Size: Customized logo according to various styles, specifications, colors, patterns, etc. required by customers.

Packing: It can be packaged according to customer's requirements, usually in bulk OPP bag.

Crystal Pvc Soft Rubber Badge Clothing Drop Plastic Shoe Standard

PVC soft rubber products: PVC plastic drop plastic process, the pattern is beautiful and realistic! The material is environmentally friendly and can be used as a keychain and mobile phone accessories! PVC soft rubber products are exquisite and fashionable, and can be widely used in product bundle sales, advertising promotion, and is an ideal product for corporate promotion. Packed in OPP bags or paper card blister packs. Appearance shape can be molded according to customer requirements.

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