What Is The Advantage Of Silicone Cup Lids Compared To Cup Lids Of Other Materials?

- Nov 21, 2020-

Silicone cup cover is a silicone cover made of food-grade silicone materials. It can be used with all kinds of coffee cups and water cup covers. It has the functions of heat preservation, insect resistance and dust prevention. Because of the stable chemical properties of silicone materials, the cup cover is vulcanized at high temperature. Molded, so it has high temperature resistance, 100% environmental protection and non-toxic. It is a mainstream product with environmental protection concept in the silicone gift market nowadays, and the product is deeply loved by consumers.

silicone cup covers

Safety is also the point that everyone is most concerned about. Many people have never heard of this silicone material. Is it poisonous?

In fact, this is understandable, because many people may not know what silicone is. But people in the south should know a little bit better, because there are good rubber trees in the south, especially in Hainan. Silicone is extracted from rubber trees. It is said to be a bit similar to pine trees. When a mouth is cut, rubber will flow out of the rubber trees. , Then after processing, it is natural rubber.

Silicone is a kind of essence from natural trees. It is non-toxic and the material is not known. So you have heard of or seen a pacifier. It is also silicone, and everyone has used it in water dispensers. There is also a silicone tube in it. It is made of silicone. of. However, food-grade silicone is generally used in contact with the human body, so from the perspective of safety, silicone cup lids are not a problem. Is this an advantage compared to other materials?

We should have used all kinds of cups in our lives, such as drinking cups, mouthwash cups for brushing teeth, coffee cups, etc. The materials of the water cups are also different, usually glass, plastic, ceramic, etc. , The shape is generally round or oval, of course there are also square cups with a little personality! There are so many kinds of cups, some have their own lids, but they are generally matched with lids, which have no advantage. For example, the lids of the colored glass cups are also colored glass. Like a coffee cup, there is generally no lid. At this time, we'd better equip it with a lid to prevent dust from entering or keeping fresh. How to choose a good-looking, beautiful and applicable lid at this time? Beautiful appearance is first of all for us who love beauty. What kind of cartoons are cute, simple, business, noble, etc., and then the colors, red, yellow, blue, green, etc., function? Mainly dustproof, fresh and sealed. From the combination of these three points of appearance, color and function, we can see that the cup lid made of silicone is undoubtedly a very ideal choice. Considering these three aspects, glass and ceramics are undoubtedly difficult to achieve. This advantage of silicone cup lids is quite outstanding.

silicone cup lids

Environment-We all know it in our daily life, so handle the cup gently to avoid breaking it! Glass and ceramic cup lids are also the same, otherwise they may break to the ground, but this silicone cup sleeve does not need to consider this aspect at all. It can be kneaded at will, and it will not break when dropped from a high place. No deformation in its original state. Yes, you read that right, it claims that the unbreakable lid is so amazing! It has this advantage, is it very good compared to other materials?

Living-people nowadays are very busy and fast-paced life, so do we often have to prepare for the next thing before we finish one thing? A cup of coffee is ready, what should I do if I have not finished drinking it? If the smell is wrong after being left for a long time, then a cup lid with good sealing performance can be solved. This silicone cup lid has more adsorption performance, and the sealing performance is no problem. Can keep fresh, prevent the smell, and screw it? is it? Have you tried it? Can it be done upside down after tightening? Hot water is even more unacceptable, but the silicone cup lid can absorb it without leaking! And it can also be used as a silicone gift to send to relatives and friends is also a good choice!