Why Do More People Like To Customize 3D Cartoon Keychains?

- Nov 19, 2020-

First, customize the 3D cartoon keychain, which can show your taste and bring yourself a more pleasant mood. The soft PVC key chain has strong shaping and has become a new product that people like and are willing to buy. The surface of the soft PVC key holder can be flat or 3D, and the rubber key ring is made by embossing, which has a very strong three-dimensional effect. Extremely realistic!

3D pvc rubber keychains

It has a very strong expansion. The Soft PVC keychain can also be added with LED lights to make a lighted keychain, add spices to make a scented keychain, and add a thermometer to make a functional keychain.

Suitable for custom-made: PVC soft rubber keychain has the characteristics of low mold cost, low unit price and strong product creativity, especially suitable for custom-made.

3d cartoon soft pvc key chains

Silicone/PVC rubber keychains can be used for personal accessories, personal supplies, corporate event gifts, small gifts, shopping mall advertising promotional materials, promotional materials, gifts, and small gifts.

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