Promotional Magnetic Soft PVC Cactus Bottle Opener

Metal Type: Iron
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Usage: Gift
Color: Multi Color
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Product Details

Soft PVC Cactus Bottle Opener

Material: PVC soft silicone

Process: Dispensing, dispensing, micro injection

Effect: Dispensing stereo

Size: (The above are regular sizes, the actual size can be customized)

Logo pattern: You can independently design and add the logo pattern, company logo, contact information or other advertising terms required by the customer

Performance: Bottle opener products are made of PVC environmentally friendly materials. After SGS testing, PVC opener products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. And has the advantages of soft feel, good flexibility, bright colors, beautiful appearance and so on. Products can also do 2D / 3D effects, top quality, fast processing, good service, can provide computer molds and make samples according to the unique design and needs of customers. In addition to these practical values, it has advertising benefits. Generally used in hotels, restaurants, homes and some factories, etc.

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