Pineapple Shape Pen Cap Soft Silicone Pencil Head Cover

Material: silicone,PVC
Use: Pen cap
Logo: OEM
Type:Ballpoint Pen
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Product Details

Product advantages

1. Fine workmanship - our mold line can reach 0.3MM, fine control color will not mix colors, different colors, etc., the treatment is smooth.

2. The level is clear--We strictly require the mold master to do according to the customer's artwork or sample, the level is distinct and bright.

3. Environmental protection and no odor, through environmental protection evaluation, environmentally friendly


Industry advantage

1. Use a precise automatic dispenser to complete product pattern and logo coloring

2. Export to many countries and regions;

3. The product quality rate is far superior to that of peers.

4. The world's top 500, there are 30 companies using our products

5. Carving the mold made by CNC engraving machine, so that the product error is controlled at 0.005

6.100% use environmentally friendly silica gel pvc raw materials, passed international ROHS, FDA testing

7. After the product is made, it can be shipped after 3 quality inspections.

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