Bauhinia Silicone Insulation Pad Household Table Mat

Material: 100%Silicone
Usage: Table Decoration
Feature: Eco-Friendly, stock
Design: customer
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Product Details


Product: Silicone coaster

Material: environmentally friendly silicone

Color: yellow, cyan, pink; customizable Pantone

Packing specification:

1, inner packaging: PE bag

2, outer packaging: carton

3, special packaging requirements can be customized

Bauhinia Silicone Insulation Pad Household Table Mat


1. Material: Made of food grade silicone material, healthy and environmentally friendly;

2. Anti-fall: The product is soft and does not shoot;

3. Solid work: no deformation, anti-aging;

4. Good texture: the silicone is comfortable and soft to touch;

5. Easy to clean: wash with water or brush, it can be cleaned, very convenient;

6. High temperature resistance: silica gel has good high temperature resistance and low temperature stability, low temperature -30 degrees, high temperature 240 degrees.

7. Color: solid color design, pure and elegant, bright, add different colors for your life

8. Made of environmentally friendly silicone material, generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, with strong friction to prevent glass, porcelain cups from falling, have a certain heat insulation, can protect the desktop from hot Bad.

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