Fodd Grade Comfortable New Washable Baby Bib Silicone

Material: 100% Silicone
Style: Cute
Design: Cartoon design
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Product description

The ergonomic design is very suitable for the baby's body, so that the baby is comfortable and love to use, soft material, comfortable, non-toxic and harmless!

4 colors optional Waterproof baby rice pocket Baby bib stereo waterproof pocket Children's bib anti-dirty and leakproof

Fodd Grade Comfortable New Washable Baby Bib Silicone


1. Silicone products are resistant to cold and heat, but are not exposed to open flames.

2. Silica gel material has good anti-slip property and strong adsorption, but it will also absorb dust, and it will be cleaned after being rinsed under clear water.

3. Silica gel is oil-tight and stain-stained. It can be washed directly with a neutral lotion.

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