Beer Reusable Silicone Bottle Caps

Usage: Bottles, Bottle cap
Feature: Non Spill
Custom Order: Accept
Color: Orange,Various colors
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Beer Reusable Silicone Bottle Caps

Silicone bottle cap advantage editing

1, the sealing is outstanding, the traditional bottle cap needs to be added with the corresponding silicone sealing ring, and the silicone cap can be used directly.

2, recyclable and reusable

3, material environmental protection, easy to open

Many companies in the market use silicone caps as promotional gifts, gifts, and sweepstakes.

We often drink uncovered drinks or beer and so on to prevent the expiration of a few days, then this silicone product can give you a role, we all know that the silicone material is a high soft, highly elastic material! In the shrink seal this piece is more advantageous, so the shape of the bottle mouth can solve the effect of tight sealing, then it is for the glass bottle material that product is what you need.

The finished products processed by the silicone products manufacturers can achieve the work of environmental protection and quality inspection. For the silicone caps that require good appearance and need different colors, the silicone materials can be changed from color to shape. So for different shapes, just design the structure you want!

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