Silicone Beer Bottle Cap Fresh Caps

Material: Silicone
Color:pantone color
Usage: Bottles
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Product Details

Product Description

1. Made of 100% imported pure silica gel (food grade) raw materials;

2. Easy to clean, non-stick pan;

3. High temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the highest heat resistance up to 250 ° C (minimum cold resistance up to -40 ° C);

4. Due to the stable nature of the silicone material, it has a longer service life than other materials such as spoons and scrapers;

5. Can be washed in the dishwasher;

Silicone Beer Bottle Cap Fresh Caps


1. I believe that many people have encountered it. Beer cola doesn't want to drink when it is half-drinked. It is a pity to throw it.

2. Some cap are hard to find and difficult to cover, or they can't be used at all. Very inconvenient.

3. It does not hurt your hands. Silicone caps solve all these problems.

4. Don't look at it so small, it has a wide range of applications and is very practical and convenient.

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