Four Seasons Universal Fashion Silicone Car Steering Wheel Cover

Material: Silicone rubber
Season:Four seasons
Colors: as your request
Feature: nonskid
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Product Details

Product description

Material: Environmentally friendly food grade silicone, no BPA, can be strictly tested by the US FDA.

Specifications: inner diameter 26cm, outer diameter 32cm

Suitable for car size: 33-34 cm; 35-36 cm; 37-38 cm; 39-40 cm (applicable to both cars and off-road vehicles)

Weight: 143g

Color: black, gray, chocolate, rose red, blue, sky blue, green, red, orange, purple, pink, yellow, fluorescent green (luminous 1-2 hours), fluorescent blue (luminous 1-2 hours), Fluorescent pink (luminous 1-2 hours) customizable color

Heat resistance: minus -30 degrees to +230 degrees

Four Seasons Universal Fashion Silicone Car Steering Wheel Cover


This product is made of high quality environmentally friendly silicone material, which is safe and odorless, delicate and soft. The ergonomic "Litchi" design on the surface effectively relieves hand fatigue caused by prolonged driving.

Stylish and generous, multi-color optional, full of vitality, is your unique choice!

For a car owner, a small steering wheel cover is not optional! It not only protects the steering wheel from wear, but also increases the feel and friction, prevents the slippage caused by sweating of the palm, enhances the sensitivity and safety of the reaction during driving, and reduces and absorbs vibration.

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