Brand Cup Lid Crystal High Heel Silicone Dust Cup Cover

Description: Food Contact Safe
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Stocked, Disposable
Temperature range: -40C-+250C
Usage:mug, cup,Coffee Cup Lid/cover
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Product Details

Product Features:

100% food grade (imported) silicone material

The silicone material used is extremely flexible

High temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the highest heat resistance up to 230 ° C (minimum cold resistance up to -40 ° C)

Has a longer life than other materials

Can be washed in the dishwasher

Available in a variety of colors

Products are in line with FDA, LMBG safety certification standards

Brand Cup Lid Crystal High Heel Silicone Dust Cup Cover

product structure

Now 95% of the silicone lids in the silicone gift are made up of a silicone handle and a silicone cover base. The handles of the lid can be designed into a variety of cute and creative shapes, adding to the art of the product. 

Feelings and highlights are more impressing consumers, and at the same time, dealers have more imagination design space to achieve the purpose of promotion. 

The forming mold on the bottom of the lid is usually polished and polished, so the bottom of the lid is smooth. For better adsorption and sealing.


The product should not be placed near an open flame, nor should it be pierced with sharp objects on its surface.

The new silicone mold may have a little silicone taste at the beginning, but it will not be baked a few times. Please use it with confidence. Or you can add some water to the mold in the beginning and then use it. It is best not to bake empty, or soak in boiling water.

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