Food Grade Hot Sell Cup Coffee Silicone Lid

Feature: Disposable, Eco-Friendly
Use: Insulation anti-skid
Hardness: 30-90 shore
Drinkware Type: Cups & Saucers
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Product Details

Product description:

Size: 7cm in diameter

Color: Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow / Purple / Brown, etc.

Unique anti-scalding silicone cover, user-friendly design of the grip and comfortable camber, the arc is appropriate.

Food grade silicone material, soft and comfortable, no deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable. When using for the first time, use boiling water for 3-5 minutes to remove the new taste.

This silica gel adopts one-piece molding process, the figure is clear, the overall shape is round and smooth, exquisite and compact, the small hole on the silicone cover is put on the spoon, considerate and just right, warm and sturdy.

Sleek edges and thickened walls, authentic quality visible, more assured, more durable, stylish and beautiful.

Powerful waterproof and tightly blocking the magical function of water leakage, suitable for use in a variety of round caliber cups, regardless of winter and summer, you can walk around with your favorite cups, enjoy delicious drinks at any time.

 Food Grade Hot Sell Cup Coffee Silicone Lid


Gently place the lid on the cup (if the cup is broken, it will not seal), then press the cup handle gently and press down gently.)

Open method: just gently lift the edge of the protruding lid up.

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