Multifunctional Silicone Vegetable And Fruit Fresh-keeping Lid Mat

Material: Silicone
Type: Smart Lids
Usage:Cans, can storage
Feature: keep fresh
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Product Details


Material: food grade silicone

Product size: 11*2.5 9.5*2 8*1.8 7*1.5cm ,custom

From big to small: red orange green yellow mixed color 4 is a set

The weight of the OPP bag is 150G, and the weight of the plastic paper card is about 190G.

Features: Four sets of silicone fresh-keeping set, essential fresh-keeping set in the kitchen. It can be stretched to meet your various needs. It can be recycled non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean and water-saving, soft and easy to store.


How to use: Put half of the cuts of vegetables and fruits on top, then seal and keep fresh

In some cases, it is inevitable that you will need to temporarily save half of the cut-off fruits and vegetables. In the past, most of us used a cling film to stick one of them and then throw it into the refrigerator - but considering that the wrap is used, throw it. This is a bit unfriendly...

In fact, we can use the vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping set and another kind of thing that people are familiar with. The name is only one word difference, so the function of this thing is actually to "insure", avoiding the rapid decay of fruits and vegetables, and using silicone material. It looks like a "hat" with a certain elasticity. It has a variety of sizes and shapes. Every time, like fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, onion, pear, pepper, etc., half of it is used, and the rest is saved temporarily. When you use this set on the cross section, you can seal it perfectly and extend the preservation time.

Of course, in addition to keeping fresh fruits and vegetables, it has other uses, for example, can be used as a lid for cans.

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