Silicone Ceramic Cup Lid Coffee Cup Cover

Material: Silicone
Shape: Round Shape
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
OEM/ODM: Highly Appreciated
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Product Details

Product information:

Dimensions: Diameter: 9.5cm (suitable for caliber 9cm cup mouth), height 2.1cm

Weight: 28g-29g

Color: Blue / Red / Yellow / Green / Black / Brown / Pink / Rose Red / Dark Blue / White, etc.


This product uses food grade imported silica gel raw material. The silica gel has the characteristics of softness, no deformation, no sharp edges, and safe and smooth. This set of silicone ceramic water cups is fashionable and ingenious. The shell is made of silicone anti-collision material, plus ceramic liner, safe and hygienic, easy to clean.

Silicone Ceramic Cup Lid Coffee Cup Cover


1. A variety of color choices, colorful, customizable shape, cover and cover are made separately and then assembled together, DIY can be made in any style.

2. Strong adsorption, unique soft silicone material can absorb any level of glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup mouth; can use air pressure to lift the whole cup.

3. The raw material is 100% food grade environmentally friendly silica gel, which has soft texture and strong plasticity.

4. Low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, anti-seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, easy to clean.

5. Durable, effectively protect the furniture surface from burns and scratches.

6. Temperature resistance range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. Baking, freezing still remains soft and not deformed

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