3D Stereoscopic Silicone Mirror Portable Mirror

Material: Eco-friendly Silicone/soft PVC
Size: Customize size
Style: Pocket Mirror
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Product Details

Material: Silicone


Novel style, vivid image, bright color, strong three-dimensional sense, green and environmental protection.

Style size: custom

Price: The picture is sent, the price is for reference only, not the transaction price. Pattern specifications or sample inquiries are available.

Packing: Packed in bulk or in separate OPP bags (according to customer requirements)

Quality: Our company adopts the numerical control 8 color drop plastic machine to produce. After the plastic drop, there is no need to trim the edges, no leakage bottom color, mixed color phenomenon, uniform thickness and uniform quality.

3D Stereoscopic Silicone Mirror Portable Mirror

Clever, exquisite, cute, can be carried around, in a bag. It can also be used as a makeup mirror.

Let you dress up at any time, hurry up

Oh....you can give it away.

Very cute cartoon silicone mirror, very popular cartoon pattern, people can't help but want to take a bite, and each piece has a nice package attached.

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