Rabbit Silicone Plate Placemat Baby Tableware

Material: 100% food grade silicone material
Color:all colors from Pantone sheet
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
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Food grade silicone material, soft, anti-fall, foldable, no need to change frequently, no fading

1. High temperature cooking is not deformed, non-toxic and tasteless. High temperature resistance 200 degrees Celsius

2. Flexible material, anti-fall, foldable kneading.

3. Long service life, no fading and no yellowing.

4. Do not adsorb oil, reduce detergent residue

Rabbit Silicone Plate Placemat Baby Tableware

Partition design

Healthy, can hold soup, vegetables, snacks, fruit, dessert, not savoury

Fine polished surface, strong adsorption

The bottom suction cup can be fixed on the table with a single press, and it is not easy to knock over. The baby learns to eat by himself.

Safe and reliable  

Does not contain bisphenol A, lead and various non-latex products of harmful substances, will not cause allergies to the baby

Easy cleaning, easy to clean up

The integrated design has no fragmentary parts, it is not easy to be lost and lost, 360°C has no dead angle cleaning and convenient to take and put, and storage is easier.

Pulling to deformation does not turn

Solve the problem when the baby is eating, knocking over the bowl, breaking the bowl, and getting things everywhere.

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