Creative Lovely Cat Silicone Change Purse

Colors: Blue
Logo: Can customize
Usage: Promotion gifts
Design: Cute cartoon Cat
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Product Details

Silicone Purse


1.Flexible:Knead at will, won't deform

2.Simple: Plain and there is nothing wrong

3.Eco-friendly: Made of FDA silicone, durable and nontoxic

Creative: Cute cartoon cat modeling


1.Material: FDA silicone.

2.Coin bag makes pocket money cuter than ever. Cute Coin Pouch: Specially designed for your pennies, dimes and quarters, our es it ultra-durable for everyday use, while the wide-open hinge provides easy access to your coins.

3.Versatile Convenience: Who says our coin bag is just for loose change? There is plenty of room for small items like makeup, hair accessories or shaving tools. Compact and lightweight, it is ideal when you just need the essentials.

4.Designed for Durability: Made with a suede-like silicone, our small coin purses are as soft as they are long-lasting. And since the material is so resilient, you can even clean it with tap water. Use soap as needed and allow it to air-dry to keep it looking like new.

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