Fashion Women Wallet Zipper Pouch Silicone Coin Purse

Material: silicone
Color: Customized
Style: Japan Style
Gender: Girls
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Product Details

Product description

Material Health: After FDA quality inspection, this quality inspection is not harmful to the human body in order to check the safety of materials. This material is generally used to make skin-friendly products such as water cups, and the key points must be environmentally friendly materials.

Heat resistance

This product can be directly boiled in water. Under normal conditions, the heat resistance temperature is as high as 160 degrees Celsius.

Fashion Women Wallet Zipper Pouch Silicone Coin Purse


In the winter in the northeast, there are very few girls who are willing to take their beloved bags out of their backs because they are easy to harden. This cold temperature is minus 60 degrees Celsius. In addition to the South Pole (-90 ° C) basic you can take him anywhere.


A package I have seen in a few years, it is still rare to use for decades. This material can be used for a long time without aging and hardening. Turn yellow.

Fashionable and practical:

It can be loaded with car, key security door key, etc. The bus card can be externally brushed, and the zipper on the back can also carry some change with anything.

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