Mini Silicone Wallet Key Bag With Zipper Pouch

Function: Things Keeper
OEM/ODM: Weclome
Usage:Promotional Gift
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Product Details

Product description

1. Silicone material, healthy, heat-insulating is not easy to water, can withstand 230 degrees high temperature.

2. Made of better silica gel material, it is not easy to fade through SGS quality inspection, and it takes a long time to use.

3. Washable and brushable. If the use time is too long and dirty, wash it with detergent or alcohol, it will be refreshed.

4. Can add company, enterprise LOGO, the effect is more prominent, not only has practicality, but also can play a good visual effect and advertising effect.


Made of environmentally friendly silicone, it can be used to store earphones, keys, coins, cosmetics, jewelry; to bring together the current trend of design essence, a variety of multi-color fast fashion.

Mini Silicone Wallet Key Bag With Zipper Pouch


Applicable to many small digital electronic products, such as small digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc., universal key, pocket money, various coins. Bag hooks (lanyards) can be placed in a variety of positions, such as belt loops, slightly larger shoulder bags or school bags, and can be placed in a safe position for outdoor sports.

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