3D Silicone Weed Box Container Pill Box

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Use: Storage
OEM & ODM: Acceptable
Function:Smoke tobacco,dry herb,oil
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Silicone fuel oil box is 100% silica gel material, environmentally friendly and harmless. It has good elasticity through various environmental protection tests. 

It is mainly used to hold solid electronic cigarette oil or cosmetics and can be screwed on the cover.

The surface is bright and the service life is long, and the color and shape can be adjusted according to requirements.

3D Silicone Weed Box Container Pill Box


1. A variety of color choices, colorful, can be customized in a variety of shapes, using a process of vulcanization molding, the production process is safe and hygienic, and is made of imported food grade silica gel, raw materials are guaranteed by a safety certificate, relative Products of other materials of the same kind are safer and more environmentally friendly.

2. It adopts 100% food grade silica gel material; the product is easy to carry, easy to clean, and always glamorous and bright.

3. The silica gel material used is very elastic; the product has good flexibility and is not easy to change shape and is very firm.

4. High temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the highest heat resistance up to 230 ° C (minimum cold resistance up to -40 ° C).

5. It has a longer service life than other materials; it is resistant to oil, corrosion and microwave radiation.

6. A variety of colors to choose from or custom colors.

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