Silicone Baby's Bottle Protector Anti-slip Silicone Sleeve

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Product Details

Product description:

The imported silica gel is used as raw material, and the tensile property is excellent. The finished product can be talked about with good performance, strong and durable, and will not pull the protective cover.

The silicone bottle cover has heat preservation to prevent the bottle from being broken and broken.

Silicone Baby's Bottle Protector Anti-slip Silicone Sleeve


1. Heat-proof, anti-drop, anti-slip, can better protect the glass bottle from being broken when it falls on the ground.

2. Even if the bottle is accidentally broken, it will not be covered with glass fragments.

Instructions for use:

1. Boil or disinfect with boiling water for 5 minutes before each use.

2. Assemble, wet with water, then hold the glass bottle in the right hand and hold the silicone sleeve in the left hand. It is easy to turn the glass bottle into the silicone sleeve. If the bottle cleaning agent is applied to the outside of the bottle, it may be easier to set.

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