Silicone Eco-Friendly Breast Pump Cover Lansinoh

Material: 100% silicone
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Feature: Eco-Friendly
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Product Details

Product description:

High quality silicone, odorless, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, flexible, non-slip. According to different requirements, the hardness, color and shape structure of silicone sleeve can be customized.

1. This silicone case is made of environmentally friendly pure silica gel. No special maintenance, no need to keep dry, no need to be afraid of wet stains or watermarks to wrinkle the surface.

2. Excellent temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 200 ° C, low temperature resistance -20 ° C.

3. Various colors, a variety of colors, can also be color-coded according to the Pan Dong color number provided by the customer.

Silicone Eco-Friendly Breast Pump Cover Lansinoh

 Product Features:

1. This silicone sleeve product is unique in design, diverse in style and diverse in color.

2. Unique self-adhesive smooth surface, good anti-slip stability, bright color and rich decoration.

3. Healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor, shockproof, sunscreen.

4. Elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be placed at random, and can be in regular contact with the body.

5. Sound insulation, easy to cut and lay, easy to replace, easy to clean.

6. Good resilience, high tear strength, good flatness and high temperature resistance.

7. Environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, durable.

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